Providing books to children in times of crisis.

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How it Works
Books to the Rescue! utilizes the support of corporate and personal donations plus Usborne Books & More’s generous matching grant program “Literacy for a Lifetime (LFL).  Books to the Rescue! impacts the lives of children and provides first responders with resources to soothe a child’s fear!

Working with first responders to reach vulnerable children in stressful situations

Detective Holly Clay of the Xenia Divert Unit, who handles Domestic Violence cases, has been testing the impact of this program over the past several months. She has distributed many bright green Green Whatif Monsters, Cuddle Bears, sticker and other activity books to children ranging in age from 14 years on down. She says the items have not only helped the children but also have helped her feel better about doing something special for the families she interacts with on a daily basis.

The program is designed to equip first responders, domestic shelters and pediatric emergency rooms with tools to soothe children who have witnessed or been part of a traumatic event.  By providing books and other materials, the program helps responders distract the children and stop the replay of the event going on in their heads.  It also allows the responders to talk to the adults without the children interrupting the interview.